Thursday, April 19, 2018 | 4:17:16 AM

MDI Spray Systems is dedicated to providing the most energy efficient and eco-friendly paint spray booths in the industry.

MDI Spray Systems builds Truck & Bus paint booths to supply a clean air environment for truck, fleet, and maintenance facilities.

MDI Spray offers clean exhaust, environmental friendly, Industrial spray booths for the metal, wood and finishing industries.

MDI Spray Systems specializes in Paint Mixing Rooms to provide a safe and controlled area to safely mix paints.

MDI Prep Stations are designed to handle the complete process of vehicle preparation along with spot jobs and parts.

MDI Spray Systems specializes in gas and electric batch ovens built for any industry and manufactured to your specifications.

Let us help you finance your energy efficient and pollution prevention automotive paint and industrial projects.

See for yourself why so many shops, companies, and businesses trust MDI Spray Systems for their paint booth needs! Call Today!