Gas Batch Oven

Designed as a compact and economical solution for your curing needs, MDI CURING OVENS provide uniform temperature and balanced air throughout the oven; using a combination of side & up air flow with adjustable louvers to recirculate the heated air on both sides of the oven. The 4” tongue & groove, 20-gauge double-wall aluminized insulated panel maximizes heat retention; and its 24” modular design allows for a variety of depths to be accomodated, starting from 6ft to anything greater-meeting needs. MDISpray Systems’ Equipment is designed to provide a safe and efficient environment for your operation. Available in natural gas,or propane.

Standard temperature range is 300°F to 500°F. Gas supply pressure from 1 PSIG to 5 PSIG. Air Flow Switches and Interlocks. The gas manifold features valving that meets fire insurance requirements. Uni-Flow Air Distribution.

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All MDI Spray Systems Batch Ovens are built to NFPA-86 standards. Built-in adjustable air flow tabs. Insulated with 4" of heavy duty mineral wool batt. Oven support structure consists of 12-gauge formed steel with trouble-free bolt together assembly. Most models are available with a Top or Rear Mount Heat Chamber.


With standard assembled or install-it-yourself ovens for preheating, drying and curing for applications up to 500°F (260°C)


Durability Provided from top of the line quality components such as aluminized steel, insulated-panel walls and roofs, industrial grade fans and State-Of-The-Art Controls.


Energy-Efficient Direct-Fired Burners having a 20:1 turn down ratio.
Better oven balance, cleanliness and space usage from unique duct design


Dependable operation when installed, used and maintained properly.
Versatility provided by custom designs and sizes.

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