Low Temperature Recirculating Heat Systems are designed to force-dry a product in a temperature-controlled enviroment, such as a spray booth or frying room. The heat system includes a recirculating fan with conveys air through an indirect gas-fired duct furnace, which is thermostatically controlled. The recirculating air does not come in contact with the open flame because it is conveyed through an indirect heat exchanger and therefore may be used for spray booth and drying room enviroments.


Simplifies and lowers the cost of wiring. It also provides the paint booth supervisor with a centrally located control center. Supplied and prewired in a NEMA-12 enclosure.


As the rest of the industry surges on with the use of PLC and digital Touch-Screen controls, a technology which is a great sales tool to hook the end user but has also proven to be more expensive to purchase and very expensive when it comes to the paint Booth down time when they fail. Waiting for the manufacturer’s technician to physically show up (in many cases from out of town or even out of state) with a laptop and reprogram the unit with their proprietary software, which only they can provide and is designed specifically for their particular brand and model. Then there is the possible replacement cost, software upgrades not to mention the service call itself. In some cases brands and or models have been discontinued or gone out of business all together leaving the customer with no choice but an expensive complete new control overhaul for their Paint Booth. That's why MDI has chosen to go with the old school simple and reliable switches, timers and indicator lights. Inexpensive as well as easy to find locally and easy to replace by any experienced local technician down the line should a problem occur.

The MDI Low Nox heater control features:

Two separate temperature controllers allowing for precise individual settings for accurate and stable temperatures in both in the Spray and Cure cycles to accommodate the two different temperature and airflow combinations. The controllers also boast the largest available digital display for ease of readability up close and at a distance. MDI Low Nox heater Controls include precise booth pressure balance control in both Spray and Cure cycles to accommodate everyday filter loading. MDI controls feature Purge time, Bake time and Cool Down time allowing for separate control of all three individual timing functions via simple dial control. The booth lights automatically turn off at the beginning of the bake cycle and automatically reenergize at the end of the cool down cycle while simultaneously turning off the fans. MDI's Low Nox heater controls are designed specifically for Spray and Cure Paint Booth applications as well as to meet the Low Nox emission requirements mandated in Southern California


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